University Police Department

University Police Department (UPD)


It is the mission of the TAMUT Police Department to support the University’s core mission of higher education by establishing and maintaining a campus environment that is safe, and conducive to learning. To this end, the University Police Department will strive to create a tangible perception of safety throughout the campus community through visibility, vigilance, and service. The University Police Department is committed to the suppression of crime and preservation of order, and will endeavor to achieve these conditions through fair, courteous, and impartial enforcement of the law. The University Police Department will provide service to the campus community with the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards.


Service Before Self. Honor Before All.

Core Values

  • INTEGRITY: The TAMUT Police Department is built upon a foundation of ethical and professional conduct. We are committed to the highest level of moral principles and ethics. All members of the department will adhere to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.
  • HONESTY: We will be truthful and trustworthy at all times.
  • FAIRNESS: We are committed to the equal application of the law to offenders and members of the public as well as the equal application of rules and regulations to all members of the department.
  • COURAGE: We are dedicated to meeting all challenges with the courage needed to accomplish our mission.
  • COMPASSION: We understand our role as community caretakers, and temper our application of the law with compassion and empathy.

Strategic Goals

  1. Training and Employee Development
  2. Excellence in Execution of Core Services and Special Initiatives
  3. Community Engagement

Contact the University Police Department

University Police Department
Hours of Operation | 24 Hours/7 Days a Week
Central Plant
Phone: (903) 334-6611 or Blue Boy Emergency Phone