Key Issuance and Inventory Procedure

Key Issuance and Inventory Procedure

To request a key, please read the Key Policy below and then click on the following link:

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Texas A&M University-Texarkana Key Policy


To ensure a safe and secure campus environment through the orderly issuance and tracking of keys given to University employees.


  1. The University will issue building and room keys to faculty, staff, resident housing students, and persons or organizations with contractual or prior arrangements with A&M-Texarkana.
  2. All keys are the property of A&M-Texarkana and must be returned upon termination of employment to the University Police Department (UPD).
  3. Individuals must be issued the least number of keys at the lowest level in the locking system hierarchy that is necessary to provide the required access.
  4. It is the responsibility of UPD to maintain systematic and effective control of all keys for rooms and buildings on campus.
  5. The UPD employees are responsible for issuing and tracking keys and maintaining accurate records. Keys are issued in the strict trust that proper measures will be taken to ensure their safekeeping. Loss of keys can result in a great financial loss to A&M-Texarkana and expose A&M-Texarkana community members to unnecessary risk.
  6. If an individual loses a key or it is stolen, the individual must immediately report this to UPD at 903-334-6611 or 903-334-6674.
  7. It is a violation of A&M-Texarkana policy for any individual to duplicate any key issued by A&M-Texarkana.
  8. SSC is responsible for maintenance and service of all door related hardware, including periodic replacement of any faulty hardware, and upgrading to maintain proper security.
  9. The Master key box is located in UPD’s office. This box is locked at all times, and the following individuals have access:
    · Chief of Police
    · Police Sergeant
    · Key Clerk

Issuance of Keys

  1. Keys will be issued to A&M-Texarkana employees upon request of their supervisor. The individual to whom the key is issued will be held responsible and accountable for said key.
  2. Keys will not be issued to student workers.
  3. Each individual must sign for their own key. In the case that the individual is not able to sign, supervisor and Chief’s approval shall be considered sufficient.
  4. All records are kept in a locked cabinet with only Chief and Delegates having access. All keys ready to be issued are also kept in this cabinet.
  5. Grand Master keys will only be issued to individuals after approval from the Chief and the Vice President for Finance and Administration. Master keys will only be issued to individuals after approval from their direct supervisor and the Chief.
  6. The Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs (AVPSA) or his delegate is in charge of assigning keys to dorm residence after they sign the appropriate documentation provided by the UPD. The UPD will sign all the room keys over to the AVPSA or his delegate at the beginning of every semester with an inventory documenting the number of keys issued. UPD will have the keys returned by the AVPSA or his delegate when the semester ends. UPD will conduct an inventory and charge the appropriate party for any missing keys.
  7. The UPD has replacement keys should a dorm resident or employee need a replacement key. The employee or student responsible for the lost or stolen key will be charged a $40.00 fee for new cores and a $25.00 fee for a new key. All lost keys shall be immediately reported to UPD.

Key Smart System

There are three (3) Key Systems ‘smart’ key boxes on A&M-Texarkana campus. They are located on the first floor of University Center, the first floor of Science and Technology building, and in Bringle Lake Village Residence Hall. These boxes allow approved users to access the keys within them by use of a PIN code. Access will only be issued to individuals after approval from the supervisor, Chief, and Vice President for Finance and Administration.

Contact the University Police Department

University Police Department
Hours of Operation | 24 Hours/7 Days a Week
Central Plant
Phone: (903) 334-6611 or Blue Boy Emergency Phone