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Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

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Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS)

EHS Mission

One of the main goals of A&M-Texarkana is to provide a safe, secure, healthy environment for all employees, students and visitors.  While the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Office is the department that is primarily responsible for these functions at A&M-Texarkana, all employees are responsible for maintaining full compliance with the A&M-Texarkana safety program.  

Safety is everyone's responsibility and all members of the Eagle Family are responsible to assist and support EHS programs and look out for each other.  

The EHS Department is dedicated to providing the campus community with model services that promote environmental stewardship, property protection, and a safe and healthy atmosphere to work and learn.

Our primary mission is to support A&M-Texarkana by providing guidance to cultivate a transparent safety culture. We will achieve this through communication, education, effective programs with campus involvement, and ensuring compliance with System, local, state, and federal regulations. 


Environmental Health and Safety Policy Statement

Reporting a Potential Safety Hazard

Everyone is responsible for identifying and reporting potential Environmental, Health, and Safety Hazards before an injury or event occurs.  

IF AN ACCIDENT OR INJURY HAS OCCURRED, Call UPD at 6611 for immediate assistance, if needed.  More information about reporting an accident can be found here.

To report a potential hazard, send an email to and list as much information as possible so that the risk can be evaluated and steps can be taken to prevent the accident or event before it occurs.

Examples of items that might be reported include (but are not limited to): 

  • Missing manhole covers
  • Loose pavers and other trip hazards
  • Poor lighting due to burned out light bulbs
  • Worn hoses that may burst and leak
  • Sharp edges that may lead to a stick or cut

Employee Safety Responsibility

Everyone on campus is expected to adopt a culture of safety. Safety is everyone's responsibility. Education is the reason we are here at Texas A&M University-Texarkana and education is the best method for cultivating a Safety Awareness Culture. Please attend New Hire Orientation or Freshman Orientation to receive valuable information regarding basic safety awareness, basic emergency response information, and where and how to find important equipment, places, and people. 

Employees are responsible to:

  • Comply with will applicable environmental, health and safety rules, procedures, laws and safe work practices
  • Observe environmental health and safety signs, posters, warnings, and directions
  • Be familiar with the Emergency Management Plan
  • Learn about potential hazards associated with their particular job and work area
  • Follow safe practices and specific guidance, such as Safety Data Sheets and chemical label instructions
  • Use engineering controls (such as safety guards and fume hoods) and personal protective equipment when appropriate
  • STOP working if there is a reasonable belief that the work will create a hazard and notify your supervisor
  • Report a Potential Safety Hazard
  • Warn others about unsafe conditions, defective equipment, and other hazards
  • Participate in health and safety training when applicable
  • Participate in monitoring programs and inspections when applicable
  • Do not perform any task for which you are not qualified