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Are you eager to maximize the value of your education? Visit us at the ACE Center and let us be your trusted navigators on this incredible journey. We can help you plan your future goals with unwavering confidence.

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When preparing for job interviews, resources such as mock interviews, career fairs, and networking events can be very helpful. It is also important to understand how a major can translate into career opportunities and to create a degree plan that aligns with desired career goals. Building connections within the community can also lead to valuable job opportunities and networking opportunities. Below are some opportunities to provide additional resources and support for your journey.
Your all-in-one platform for on-campus and community career connections. It's your gateway to a world of career possibilities, all at your fingertips!
The Big Interview

Elevate your job search game and land your dream job with confidence! The ultimate AI-powered platform. Practice mock interviews, craft a winning resume, and gain invaluable career education resources all in one place. 

Degree Works

Navigate your academic journey with ease using Degree Works! This powerful tool offers personalized degree plan audits, guiding you on the right path to academic success 

Major to Career Opportunities

Community Partnerships

Community partnerships between A&M-Texarkana and local organizations are essential for achieving common goals and improving quality of life in the community. These partnerships can also lead to mutual benefits, such as increased funding, improved community health and wellbeing, and strengthened academic programs that are more relevant to local needs. Ultimately, community-university partnerships can help build stronger, more resilient communities. Find out more by visiting the links below.
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Who is my Advisor

Choose your degree of study below to find your Academic Advisor and make an appointment.

Kinesiology | Criminal Justice

Amber Galvan

Office: University Center 134D
Phone: (903) 334-6690

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Math/Ed | English/ED | Computer Science | Chemistry/ED | Early Childhood Education

Tiffany Ray         

Office: University Center 132B
Phone: (903) 223-3138

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Accounting | Biology | History/ED | Political Science

Linda Branch     

Office: University Center 132C
Phone: (903) 334-6685

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Business Administration - All Concentrations

Tommy Tye

Office: University Center 134E
Phone: (903) 334-6728

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Nursing | Electrical Engineering | Mechanical Engineering

Jodi Pompa

Office: University Center 134B
Phone: (903) 223-1365

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Psychology | Mass Communications | Sociology | Social Work

Katie Hixson

Office: University Center 134A
Phone: (903) 223-1350

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NTCC Students | General Studies | Political Science | BAAS

Daisy Bates

Office: NTCC Campus, University Health Science 111
phone: (903) 434-8354

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