Mobile Equipment Information

The use of mobile equipment such as golf carts and ATV's on university property is managed by the Mobile Equipment and Heavy Equipment Program.

  • University students, staff and faculty wishing to use University owned golf carts and equipment must demonstrate their skill, hold a valid driver's license, review the safety regulations, and be approved by University Police.  
  • The use of privately owned golf carts and ATV's on University Property is prohibited.
  • Mobile equipment must remain on sidewalks and never be parked in fire lanes, handicap ramps, or where blocking egress from buildings.  
  • The maximum speed for mobile equipment is 5 mph, and 15 mph for over-the-road vehicles on campus streets.  
  • The use of all mobile equipment and personal transportation devices is prohibited inside university buildings.  

Questions about use of the university owned vehicles can be directed to UPD or to