Lab Safety

Protecting the health and safety of every person on the Texas A&M University-Texarkana campus is of paramount importance, and it is a continuous work in progress.

The A&M-Texarkana Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) constitutes written standard operating procedures designed to ensure laboratory operations are carried out in a manner that protects all persons from harmful exposures associated with hazardous chemicals, as well as complying with state and federal regulations and the Texas A&M University System Laboratory Standard.

ALL injuries shall be reported to laboratory management and Environmental, Health & Safety personnel.

For questions please contact the Laboratory Hygiene Officer at 903-334-6754 or 903-334-6756, or the Environmental, Health & Safety Office at

Useful Links

CDC - NIOSH: Pocket Guide to Hazardous Chemicals

To look up SDS information, please visit

A full chemical inventory is maintained by the respective lab coordinators.