Accounting Program

Accounting Program

The accounting degree program at A&M-Texarkana prepares students for exciting professional careers in various accounting and financial management fields! Students not only learn the fundamentals of accounting, but take courses that involve critical thinking, ethical decision making, and working in a global environment.

Skills acquired via the accounting major are in high demand. By completing a degree in accounting, students set themselves apart to succeed in business. These skills will set students apart in learning about profitability and how to evaluate and incorporate taxes info financial decisions. Students in accounting have the opportunity to learn and then subsequently return the value to their financial decisions to the bottom line of their companies.

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Careers for Accounting Majors:

Careers and jobs are available in many areas. Some examples include the following:

  • Auditing;
  • Tax;
  • Banking;
  • Financial Advisors;
  • Security Analysts;
  • Industry Accountants; Wealth Managers;
  • Real Estate Appraisers;
  • Insurance Agents;
  • Project Accountants;
  • Consulting;
  • Foreign Exchange Analysts;
  • Pension & Investment Planning.

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Featured Courses

ACCT 557 - Advanced Accounting Systems

This course is designed to achieve the following objectives: design and use accounting information systems; learn the foundations for building business controls and managing business risk; understand IT governance in an organization and how IT controls and governance relate to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act; understand how IT controls and risks must be integrated into a company's overall risk profile; and design and implement control systems.

ACCT 568 - Supply Chain Management Financial Strategy and Profitability

This course includes case studies, examples, and in-depth analysis of technical issues involved in supply chain management, network design, and strategic partnering. The course engages students in managing a supply chain and provides a starting point for discussing the value of information in the supply chain, strategic partnering, and centralized decision making. 

ACCT 525 - Administrative Controls

This course is a study of the role of accounting in internal management of business firms. Essentials of job order, process cost systems, use of standards, and budgeting are covered.

ACCT 577 - Data Analytics

This course studies the use of accounting data to identify, analyze, and solve business problems. Examines the processes needed to develop, report, and analyze accounting data and the business risks related to data collection, storage, and use.

MGT 527 - Managerial Policy and Strategy

This is a capstone course requiring the application and integration of principles from various business disciplines including accounting, finance, marketing, management and economics in the solution of managerial problems and the development and implementation of corporate strategies in a changing environment.