Mass Communication

Mass Communication Program

Mass Communication Program

Why choose A&M-Texarkana

Housed in the Department of Arts, Communication, Media, and English (ACME), the A&M-Texarkana Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication program combines theory and practice to provide students with the breadth and depth of a critical, well-rounded education along with hands-on production experience to prepare them for a variety of professions in media, entertainment, journalism, public relations, production, and design.

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Career Options

  • Broadcaster/Newscaster
  • Community Affairs/Public Relations
  • Corporate Communications
  • Marketing/Marketing Research
  • Reporter/Journalist
  • Advertising
  • Editor/Copyeditor
  • Media Relations, Media Spokesperson
  • Documentarian/Filmmaker
  • Social media marketing/content creator

Program Highlights

Mass Communication is the mass production or distribution of news, art, entertainment, or persuasive messages intended for large audiences, in all media forms from print to corporate communications to independent online broadcasting. Our students will learn theory and practice of public relations and advertising, publication design and layout, production as well as historical and theoretical foundations of media industries and technologies. Our dynamic faculty bring additional expertise in rhetoric, media studies, cinema, audio and video production, and digital design so our students hone their skills as critical readers, writers, designers, thinkers, and speakers across multiple media.           

If you enjoy writing, organizing information, engaging with media culture, and connecting with others and who aspire to a meaningful livelihood communicating ideas, proposals, and useful information to readers, listeners, viewers, and audiences across computers, companies, and communities, Mass Communication is the career path for you! Students can amplify their expertise by pursuing a minor in areas like English; writing studies; sociology; business; women’s, gender, and sexuality studies; psychology; or political science.

ACME offers students opportunities to conduct research, engage with community or industry partners, and present or publish their work. We are especially proud to highlight Eagle Eye (our digital newspaper), Aquila Review (our literary journal), the East Texas Writing Project, and the Red River Innovation Lab for the Humanities.

Student Accomplishments

Students in our program have produced marketing materials for the university, programmed a weekly film series with guest speakers, contributed to A&M-Texarkana’s research showcases, published content in our online newspaper Eagle Eye, completed internships in media jobs in industries across the region, and presented at regional conferences.

Featured Courses

MCOM 1318. Digital Photography

This is a foundation course in both the technical and creative aspects of digital photography. Instruction in the operation of the camera, techniques, printing of photographs, and class critique are part of this course. Design and creativity addressed through analysis of the work of master photographers and practical problems.

MCOM 2320. Advertising and Public Relations.

Students will learn to gather, analyze, organize, synthesize, and communicate information needed in the public relations profession. The course also includes an examination of the role of advertising and how an advertising agency functions. This course surveys global issues impacting advertising and the increasingly global nature of advertising campaigns as well as the role of diverse cultures in selecting and targeting ad campaigns.

MCOM 310. News Writing and Reporting.

This course is an advanced study in the methods used in gathering and writing news. 

MCOM 350. Mass Communication Research Methods.

This course explains essential research skills required in mass communication professions, including fact-checking, source verification, interviewing, and basic statistical analysis.