Chloe Young - Alumni Feature

Apr 29, 2024
  • Alumni & Friends
Photo of Chloe Young.

Meet Chloe Young! Chloe is a May 2023 graduate of Texas A&M University-Texarkana and was recently named the new Director of Events and Communications for the Texarkana, USA Chamber of Commerce.

A Texarkana-area native, Young is a graduate of Redwater High School. She graduated from A&M-Texarkana with a bachelor’s degree in mass communications and a minor in business. The skills she learned as an undergraduate help her daily in her job with the Chamber of Commerce, where she oversees, plans and promotes events of all sizes, handles a variety of communications needs for the Chamber, and runs social media platforms as well. She is enjoying growing into her new position and says that her favorite part of the job is meeting new people.

“I feel like my classes prepared me very well for the things I do daily in my job,” said Young. “Classes like newswriting helped me learn to communicate more professionally,” she added. Young also stated that one of her favorite classes was graphic design, which taught her skills she frequently puts to use when promoting Chamber events or creating content for social media.

Young said that her favorite thing about A&M-Texarkana is the comfortable, intimate feel of the campus. “The classes aren’t huge,” she said. “You are able to develop a relationship with your professors.” Young stated that many of her classes were available both online and on campus. She took some classes online, but said she preferred to take most of her classes in person. “It really is a great campus,” she added, stating that there is just as much to do at A&M-Texarkana as there is at larger institutions, but that students get the added benefit of being at a smaller institution. “You can find what you love there and get involved.”

Chloe’s future career goals include growing in her new position and honing her skills as a communications professional. She is engaged to Austin Wardlaw, also from Redwater, and the two will be married in May 2025.