I am a student and cannot access the online IRB application submission system (iRIS). What should I do?

To submit a research application to iRIS, you must be an employee (e.g., paid research assistant) of Texas A&M University Systems and log in to the single sign-on system (SSO) using your unique employee identification number and password. If you are not an employee, your faculty advisor listed in your protocol should submit the application on your behalf. We no longer accept applications via email.

I have included a comprehensive research method section in my manuscript draft. Can I submit it for IRB review and refer to it in my application instead of filling out each section in a standard application form?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. As your thesis and research method section is subject to change, it cannot replace your research protocol. You need to fill out the online standard application form thoroughly. IRB committee will review your “research protocol” to ensure that your human subjects and their information are well-protected throughout the research process. It is essential to follow the approved protocol exactly as it is written.

As my research involving human subjects is exploratory and multi-phased, I cannot provide a complete research protocol upfront. Would it be possible for me to receive approval on a preliminary research protocol outlining my overall research plan and make necessary modifications and detailing on my own?

No, using the approved research protocol as written is required to ensure your research is conducted properly. This includes adhering to the survey question items, methods, research population, and more. In your case, you must obtain IRB determination on each phase, including any pilot research. If you need to make changes to your protocol, you must submit a research modification form and receive approval for the changes.

When conducting research with multiple investigators, do I need to provide CITI training certificates for each?

Yes, all investigators must possess valid IRB training certificates, including the principal investigator, Co-PI, and faculty advisor.

Is the CITI training certificate for IRB lifetime?

No, the CITI training certificate is valid for three years. Therefore, it is essential to have a valid certificate throughout the planned research period.

What should I do if an incident occurs while collecting data from human research subjects?

It is necessary to report the incident to the IRB. For more information, please refer to the Incident Reporting page.

What information should be included in the informed consent form?

Please check the IRB Guidance page and Section 26.0 of TAMUT IRB SOP policy.

I am a graduate student working on a class research project. Do I need authorization from IRB?

Generally, class projects do not require IRB review. However, if the project involves human subjects, it may require IRB determination. Please contact the IRB for specific guidance.

Do I need IRB approval for my master's thesis?

If your research for the master's thesis involves human subjects, you need IRB approval. In addition, you must have a faculty advisor who will submit your protocol for IRB review.

To collect data, I will observe random individuals in a public area and take notes while recording them on video. Do I need to obtain their informed consent beforehand?

While it may be difficult to identify individuals in your research, it is still recommended to post a notice in the area to inform those present that they are being observed for research purposes. This can exempt you from obtaining informed consent.

I am conducting research that involves deception, specifically measuring B instead of A, when participants are told the research is collecting A. Should I disclose this to the participants, or will it diminish the effectiveness of the deception?

It is important to inform the participants that the research involves deception, but you do not need to disclose the specifics of the deception.

Does a pilot study need IRB approval? If so, do I need another IRB review for the actual study?

A pilot study involving human subjects must obtain IRB approval. If you make minor changes to the pilot study for your main study, like modifying the phrasing or adding additional population groups, you must submit a modification request via iRIS online review system and obtain approval. However, if you intend to make substantial changes to the pilot study protocol, you may submit a new application for approval by the IRB.

Does IRB review data analysis?

No, IRB does not review data analysis. Its primary focus is ensuring that human subjects make voluntary and informed decisions regarding study participation and that data collection and management protect their privacy and confidentiality effectively.

Contact the Institutional Review Board

Dr. Yusun Jung
IRB Chair
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