MSCI - Reading Specialist Certification

MSCI - Reading Specialist Certification

MSCI - Reading Specialist Certification

The Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization as a Reading Specialist prepares individuals to become Literacy Leaders on a campus or in a district. This might include careers as an Instructional Coach or Curriculum Coordinator, or simply supplement an administrators’ knowledge based in the Science of Teaching Reading as required by HB3.

*NOTE*: If a prospective candidate’s experience has solely been in secondary grades only or the undergraduate coursework did not include foundational literacy/science of teaching reading, then RDG 501 will serve as a prerequisite.

Featured Courses


ENG 555 - Linguistics

This course offers an introduction to principles of how language develops, changes and functions. The course focuses on the differences among world languages, the history of the English language, and analysis of modern English phonology, morphology and syntax (sound, units of meaning, word order).

RDG 560 - Literacy Leadership and School Improvement

Students will investigate how a Reading Specialist is involved as a literacy leader at the classroom, campus and district levels to impact change aligned with research-based literacy instruction. In doing so, students will examine state data, interview campus stakeholders about strengths/weaknesses in campus data, and address deficiencies by developing a campus improvement plan (may include a master schedule/RtI revision) and professional development that aligns with the plan. 

RDG 561 - Diagnosis and Intervention for Language-Based Reading Disabilities

Students will learn about language-based disabilities including dyslexia and dysgraphia and investigate research-based approaches to assessment, instruction and resources. Additionally, students will address how HB3 has affected the way Texas approaches dyslexia screening and instruction.