Branding Guidelines

University Branding Guidelines

Texas A&M University-Texarkana has strict guidelines on branding and logo usage to ensure that we maintain a consistent brand experience for our students and our university community. "The Eagle Experience" is the official slogan of the university, and the use of a logo with the maroon, navy, and gold stripes is the official brand. If using the slogan or logo for any purpose, including printed materials or promotional items, approval must go through the university’s marketing office.

Josh Yohn
Executive Director of Marketing
Phone:(903) 223-3081

Trademark Information

Types of Licenses

Standard License
  • For companies that produce licensed consumer products that will be resold, such as items for sale at retail in local, regional and national retail outlets.
  • Royalty Rate: 12%.
  • Royalty Advance: $100 for apparel only companies, $100 for non-apparel companies and are based on the product categories of your license. Royalty advances are pro-rated based on a one-year contract.

Internal Usage License

  • For companies that produce licensed consumer products for sale ONLY to University departments and approved campus organizations for internal/non-resale use.
  • All sales must be exempt from royalties (as determined by University licensing guidelines).

Apply for License

Texas A&M University - Texarkana Licensing Fees

  • Fee to Apply for Texas A&M University - Texarkana License: $250 (not including royalty advance for standard license)
  • Annual Renewal Fee to Hold Texas A&M University - Texarkana License: $100 (not including royalty advance for standard license)
    *This fee is for licensees who only hold one contract with Learfield Licensing Partners.

Other Requirements

Royalty Reporting:

  • All licensees – regardless of contract type – are required to report royalties following the end of each quarter via Collegiate Licensing Company Brand Manager 360 If you do not have sales, you must submit a No Sales report.


  • Each Licensee has a contractual obligation to carry liability insurance and provide a certificate of insurance for their products, which bear the property/trademarks of the institutions in which they wish to be licensed. 
  • This liability insurance coverage is required, as a contractual obligation of licensing, to additionally insure the institutions the Licensee holds a license with and Collegiate Licensing Company who represents these institutions.

For more information on trademarks or licensing contact:

Josh Yohn
Executive Director of Marketing
(903) 223-3081