MSCI - Special Education

MSCI - Special Education

MSCI - Special Education/Professional Educational Diagnostician

Special Education Programs prepare knowledgeable caring professionals equipped with valuable tools that serve students with exceptionalities in today’s classrooms. Programs embrace cultural and linguistic diversity emphasizing the importance of evidence-based practice, critical thinking skills, interdisciplinary collaboration, ethical principles and continued professional development meeting standards for the Council for Exceptional Children. Program graduates earn a Master’s of Science in Curriculum and Instruction with concentration in Special Education. Please contact if you have any questions.

Featured Courses


ED 520 - Education Research Literature and Techniques.

This course addresses the process and tools to locate, read, understand, and critique education research. The fundamental techniques of planning, conducting, and reporting qualitative and quantitative research will also be considered. Prerequisite: Admission into the Educator Preparation Program or instructor permission.

ED 530 - Human Growth and Development for Educators.

This course examines cognitive, physical, psychological, and social development of humans from conception through adolescence (0-20 years). Theoretical frameworks, critical issues, and current research pertaining to each life-stage are included. Educational implications of domain specific developmental factors are highlighted. Study of the overlay of creativity, resiliency, and focus of control are added psychological variables integrated for further understanding of developmental influences on student success and/or failure in learning and school. 

SPED 540 - Introduction to Exceptionalities.

This course provides teachers with a foundational knowledge and basic understandings needed to work with students with exceptionalities. Students will investigate the learning and behavioral characteristics of students with exceptionalities and laws relative to this population.