Standard Certification Information

Teacher Prep Program Undergraduate Completion

Instructions for Applying for Standard Certification are available below. The Teacher Preparation Program will recommend the candidate for Standard Certification when the candidate has completed the following:

  • Passed all TExES exams required for certificate
  • Successful Completion of Student Teaching (Blocks 1 & 2)
  • Degree Awarded
  • Texas Education Agency Application for Standard Certification

To apply for Texas Standard Teacher Certification:

  • Access the Texas Education Agency (TEA) website.
  • Select “Educator Login” then “TEAL Login.” You should already have a user name and password.
  • Log in and follow the instructions to apply for standard certification through Texas A&M University – Texarkana University Based.
  • Pay the remittance fee.
  • Once we have verified completion of all program requirements, we will issue approval.

Adding Other Certifications:

  • Certification by Examination – An educator who holds an appropriate Texas classroom teaching certificate may add additional classroom certification areas by successfully completing the appropriate content examination for the area(s) sought. Adding Additional Certifications