Important Contract Information:

System Policies & Regulations related to Contract Administration

TAMUS Policy 02.02 

  • outlines the responsibilities and authority of the chancellor.

TAMUS Policy 02.05 

  • establishes the duties and administrative responsibilities of the presidents of the system member universities, in addition to other duties and responsibilities delegated by the chancellor or the board.

TAMUS Policy 02.06 

  • outlines the duties of the system member agency directors.

TAMUS Policy 07.03 

  • provides statutory requirements that employees must follow to ensure no conflicts of interest exist while they carry out their public duties.

TAMUS Policy 15.01 

  • provides a structure for conducting research and defines members' research-related duties and administrative responsibilities.

TAMUS Policy 15.02 

  • outlines faculty, staff and students responsibilities for the export-control implications of their work to ensure that their activities conform to export control rules and regulations.

TAMUS Policy 25.07 

  • governs contracting and provides for the levels of approval required for different types of contracts.

TAMUS Regulation 25.07.01 

  • lists contract administration procedures and delegations.

TAMUS Policy 28.02 

  • authorizes the system member CEOs to approve the establishment of educational business activities.

TAMUS Policy 28.03 

  • provides specific authorizations and delegations of authority to the system member chief executive officers (CEOs) regarding the approval of vending machine contracts.

TAMUS Policy 41.01 

  • governs the acquisition, disposal, management and leasing of real property.

TAMUS Regulation 41.01.01 

  • provides uniform guidance for the acquisition, disposition and lease of real property for the benefit of the system and its members.

TAMUS Policy 51.02 

  • establishes a process to select the services of architect/engineer (A/E) design teams and construction contractor firms.

TAMUS Policy 51.04 

  • delegates to the chancellor the authority to enter into any and all contracts necessary to complete a construction project after the project has been approved by the system Board of Regents (board).

TAMUS Purchasing Accountability and Risk Analysis Procedure