Open Education Resources (OER)

Open Education Resources (OER)

Open Educational Resources (OER) refers to freely accessible and openly licensed educational materials that can be used, shared, and modified by teachers, students, and self-learners. These resources include a wide range of materials such as textbooks, lecture notes, videos, interactive simulations, assessments, and more.

The key characteristic of OER is its open licensing, which allows users to legally and freely access, use, adapt, and distribute the materials. The most used open licenses for OER are Creative Commons licenses, which provide permissions beyond traditional copyright restrictions. These licenses enable educators and learners to customize and tailor the resources to suit their specific needs, whether by translating them into different languages, modifying content, or integrating them into new learning environments.

Open Educational Resources (OER) Faculty Guide (helps you find OER)

Open Educational Resources (OER) Grant Program (link) 

Webinar 2-13-2020--Understanding Open Education Resources (OER): A Powerful Solution for Both Faculty and Students

OER Resources to Share from 12/12/19 NROC OER Slam Webinar (list of OER resources)

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