Disciplinary Rules and Procedures

Disciplinary Rules and Procedures

Students may be accountable to both civil and criminal authorities and to the University for acts that constitute violation of law and of this Code. Those charged with violations are subject to University disciplinary proceedings even if criminal proceedings are pending and may not challenge university proceedings on the grounds that criminal charges for the same incident have been dismissed, reduced, or are not yet adjudicated.

Students and recognized student organizations are cautioned that any material posted on the Internet, including social networking sites and Internet blogs is not private or protected information. Students may be held accountable for content posted in this manner and information obtained from this source may be considered in cases of misconduct.

University officers shall have the right to investigate or seek out information about conduct of suspected persons in any case involving an alleged violation of the law or University rules and procedures.  However, students are required to comply with the directives of University officials in the performance of their duties.  Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.  Students are informed that the university may draw negative inferences that may result in sanctions if they fail to answer questions during a disciplinary hearing.  If a student does not appear for a meeting or hearing, the adjudication process will continue.

Pending action on charges, the status of students should not be altered, nor their rights to be present on campus and to attend classes suspended, except for reasons relating to their physical or emotional safety, interim actions, and/or the well-being of the University community or University property.