Law & Theory Studies Certificate

The Political Science Program awards a student the Law & Theory Studies Certificate of Completion for advanced study of U.S. constitutional law and theory by meeting the following requirements:

  1. earn a “B” or higher in each of at least four (12 SCH) classes identified as Law & Theory Studies Courses (any of these may also count toward a Bachelor’s degree),
  2. prepare and present an approved Law & Theory scholarship project in a professional setting (this may be one done for a class), and
  3. apply for the Law & Theory Studies Certificate at least a month before graduating.

Law & Theory Studies Courses

  • CJ 340 Criminal Law and Procedure
  • CJ 430 Rights of Accused and Convicted Offenders
  • GBUS 456 Social, Political, and Legal Environment
  • HIST 419 American Social & Intellectual History
  • HONR 345 Advanced Academic Argument
  • MCOM 305 Media Law and Ethics
  • PSCI 320 Introduction to Constitutional Law
  • PSCI 410 American Political Theory
  • PSCI 426 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
  • PSCI 427 Public Law
  • SOC/CJ 315 Law and Society
  • SOC 345 Sociology of Crime and Justice

Law & Theory Studies Application

Return completed application to or UC 225 by November 15 (Fall graduation) or April 15 (Spring graduation). The Certificate is not for academic credential or credit.