Property Management

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Accounting SharePoint


Accounting serves as the home for Property Management functions including:

  • Administering initial creation of each piece of controlled and capital equipment on campus
  • Administering all property transfers, property deletions, & missing, damaged, or stolen property forms
  • Conducting Annual Physical Inventory
  • Assisting all departments in the management of their inventoriable assets
  • Managing Property Salvage and Surplus processes


Texas A&M University System Equipment Management Manual and other documents

University Procedure 21.01.10.H0.01, Surplus or Salvage Property


Below are property forms to assist members of the TAMUT community in the documentation of their inventoriable assets.  Forms are needed to add or delete equipment or to report equipment as missing or stolen. Copies of all forms can be obtained below or from Accounting in the Central Plant Annex.  

Note: data processing items include printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines, personal assistants, and computers.

Surplus Property

From time to time, university property is identified as no longer needed by the asset owner.  This property will be first offered to other departments at the University for transfer.  If there is no need at the University, materials with instructional value will be offered to Public Schools, their administrations, and their service agencies. The process to manage the disposition of surplus property to an entity outside of the University is outlined in TAMU System Regulation 21.01.10, Surplus or Salvage Property and TAMUT University Procedure 21.01.10.H0.01, Surplus or Salvage Property.

The Property Management office will make notice of instructional items available to Texas public schools within a 30 mile radius of TAMUT with an opportunity to receive the surplus property. Public Schools will have five business days to inspect and/or claim the items. Public Schools interested in being added to the email list for notification should email K'Leeh Holt,

Remaining surplus property will be advertised on our website. Any proceeds from the disposition of surplus property will be used to defray any associated costs with property management unless restricted by the contract or grant that purchased the property originally.  

Current Auctions

Campus Closet-Surplus Inventory

Room UC256 is used to store surplus inventory like desks, cabinets, chairs, bookcases, etc. These items are available on a first come, first serve basis. Access to this room is restricted.

If you have items you would like to add to the Campus Closet, please contact K’Leeh Holt ( Items will only be accepted if they are in good or better condition and do not require repair. The items must be reviewed and approved by the property manager (K’Leeh Holt) before being moved into the Campus Closet.

If you would like to view the items available in the Campus Closet in person, please schedule a time with K’Leeh Holt ( Photos of available items can be seen below.

Campus Closet Inventory

All items going in or out of the Campus Closet must be moved by the department. If the items are too large or heavy to move, a work order must be submitted by the department to SSC to have them moved. The property manager is not responsible to moving items for the department.