Student Managed Investment Fund

A student managed investment fund (SMIF) is, as the name implies, a real money portfolio managed by students. In other words, students direct the investment decisions of one or more real money portfolios. Although the primary decision makers for the SMIF will be those students who have the adequate training through formal coursework, TAMUT’s desire is to see that all the campus community have the opportunity to participate in and contribute to SMIF management. To this end, noncredit training is provided so that once completed, any student of any major would be allowed to participate in SMIF activities.


The mission of all Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) activities at Texas A&M University - Texarkana (TAMUT) is to provide practical experience in investment management and professional practice.

Core Competencies

The core competencies and their associated student learning outcomes (SLO) are as follows:

Knowledge Integration

  • SLO 1.1: Synthesize multiple fields of knowledge to generate and defend investment proposals.
  • SLO 1.2: Apply various technology applications and databases to extract and analyze data.
  • SLO 1.3: Articulate the roles and activities in the investment profession.

Critical Thinking

  • SLO 2.1: Formulate investment recommendations.

Ethical Awareness

  • SLO 3.1: Exercise fiduciary responsibility when managing an investment portfolio.

Communication Skills

  • SLO 4.1: Justify, both orally and in writing, investment analysis conclusions and investment recommendations.
  • SLO 4.2: Collaborate within a group dynamic to achieve learning outcomes.

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