Processing Financial Aid Changes

Updating Information

All changes/updates to verifiable data is made using CPS. Once verification documents are reviewed, financial aid staff will submit any necessary changes to the Central Processing System (CPS). Students will receive an email communication from the financial aid office that updates have been made to their FAFSA® and can be viewed on FAFSA® An award email communication will be sent to the student via their campus mail account notifying them to login to view their award on Web for Student. Students are notified that a new Student Aid Report will be generated with the new EFC; students are encouraged not to make any additional updates to their FAFSA® without speaking to the financial aid office first.

Process for Referring Overpayments

In the rare cases of students who may lose eligibility after completing verification and aid has already disbursed, the Financial Aid Office will chargeback the amount of the disbursement(s) for which the student was ineligible and return the funds to the federal and/or state governments. The student will then be responsible for repaying the resulting balance to Texas A&M University- Texarkana.

Information Discrepancies (making referrals)

If during verification or in resolution of conflicting information, the financial aid administrator has credible information indicating a Title IV applicant, school employee, or third-party servicer may have engaged in fraud or other criminal misconduct or fraud in connection with the Title IV programs, the financial aid administrator must refer the situation to the Director of Financial Aid, the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and the Director of University Compliance.