Types of Aid

Students are eligible for various types of aid including federal, institutional, and state funds. This aid is awarded based on a first come, first serve basis.  If a student is eligible for these funds at the time of packaging, and there is money still budgeted in these accounts, the student will receive that award.  We prioritize students first by the date their financial aid documents are complete, then by their FAFSA® submission date.  To apply for these funds, please complete the FAFSA®
The Financial Aid Office (FAO) will award every form of aid a particular student is eligible for underneath the student’s Cost of Attendance (COA). Monies in which repayment is not required are awarded first in an effort to minimize student debt.


ALL UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS ARE AWARDED BASED ON FULL-TIME ENROLLMENT. ALL GRADUATE STUDENTS ARE AWARDED BASED ON HALF-TIME ENROLLMENT. Students are encouraged to notify the FAO of any enrollment of less than full time. Any changes in enrollment will be adjusted by the FAO to accurately reflect students’ enrollment plans. Students have 14 days from the day they are awarded to accept, decline, or adjust their financial aid offer. All financial aid is disbursed on the 12th class day (census). A percentage of financial aid is earned each day the student is enrolled. If a student does not make it through 60% of the semester, financial aid will have to be repaid to the department of education which will cause the student to owe a balance to the school.