If you have questions about self-reporting your academic record for TAMUT application processes, please review the outlined procedures below. Once we receive your official test scores and/or GPA, your decision will be thoroughly reevaluated. For additional information or assistance beyond the provided information, please contact us directly at

Academic Reporting Details:

Procedure for Self-Reported Information:

Freshmen: A student is considered a freshmen if they have graduated high school or earned a General Equivalency Diploma (GED), are about to graduate high school or earn a GED or have not attended a full term (Fall or Spring) at a postsecondary school after high school/GED completion.

Transfer: A student is considered a transfer if they have attempted any college-level credit hours after high school graduation or completion of their General Equivalency Diploma (GED).

Once a student is accepted to Texas A&M University- Texarkana and confirms enrollment, they must submit official documents. For admitted freshmen students, this includes a final high school transcript with the graduation date (sent directly from the high school) and/or official test score(s) from the testing agency or included on the high school transcript. For admitted transfer students, this includes a final, official transcript from all previously attended colleges directly from those institutions.

These documents are carefully reviewed to ensure they match the self-reported information provided in the application. If any discrepancies are found, Texas A&M University- Texarkana has the right to modify or revoke admission and scholarship offers, regardless of intent. It’s crucial to submit these documents by the provided deadlines to avoid restrictions on future registration.

Deadlines for Document Submission: June 1 for summer term, August 1 for fall term and January 1 for the spring term. Meeting TAMUT’s priority deadline allows us the ability to ensure you have no delays in your financial aid process or transfer credits to our institution.

Requirements for Self-Reported Information:

You are expected to be accurate and honest.

  • Have your transcript(s) and test scores ready when completing the application.
  • Do not change grades, average, or convert them. Enter your latest cumulative GPA exactly as shown on your transcript when requested.

Verifying Self-Reported Test Scores:

Submit all official test scores directly from the testing agency or include them on your high school transcript by June 1 for summer/fall and December 1 for spring. The official results, including composite (or total) scores and subscores, must match the details you provided in your application.

Misrepresented or False Information Results in Cancelled Admissions & Scholarships:

All Texas A&M University- Texarkana students who have enrolled or intend to enroll must submit official transcripts and test scores by June 1 for the summer/fall term and December 1 for the spring term. The official final transcript and test scores will be cross-referenced with the self-reported information from the application.

Maintaining academic integrity and ensuring student success are paramount at Texas A&M University- Texarkana. The university reserves the right to revoke enrollment and scholarships for any students found to have misrepresented information within their application. The Office of Admissions retains sole discretion in determining instances of misrepresentation.

Honest Mistakes in Self-Reporting:

We recommend that students use a transcript and test score report to help minimize errors when completing their application. Misrepresentation or inaccurate entry on the application may lead to a change in the admission decision and scholarship offers.

The Office of Admissions will review final transcripts and test scores in comparison to self-reported information, and students may be asked to provide an explanation for any inconsistencies.

Even unintentional typos and errors may be grounds for a change in the admission decision and scholarship offer. Applicants facing changes or rescinded offers will receive written notification.

Appealing Scholarship Cancellation Decision:

Applicants have the option to appeal against the cancellation of admission and/or scholarship offer by submitting a written appeal request. The appeal should provide pertinent information explaining why the cancellation is deemed inappropriate. Including supporting documentation directly related to the matter is essential. A review will be conducted to assess the outcome of the appeal.

Communicating Self-Reporting Procedure:

When a student is admitted to Texas A&M University-Texarkana, their acceptance letter states:  

“As you prepare for the upcoming semester, there are a few important steps to ensure a smooth transition. Your admission relies on the successful completion of your remaining coursework and the prompt submission of your official transcripts (whether from high school or college).

  • Once we receive your official transcript(s), we'll verify your eligibility for admission. 
  • Please note that timely submission and processing of all required documents are essential for future semester registration.”