Manual Selection

If an institution has reason to believe that an applicant’s FAFSA® information is inaccurate, it must verify the accuracy of that information. TAMUT manually reviews applications that it considers to have either inaccurate or conflicting data. Examples of issues considered to be conflicting data are:
  • A student is not selected for verification, the tax return or IRS transcript is on file and information conflicts with items on the FAFSA®.
  • IRS Tax Transcript shows parent single head of household and on the FAFSA® shows the same person as married.
  • Parent or student report on their FAFSA® and signed a verification worksheet that they will not file an IRS 1040. If TAMUT has reason to believe that the parent or student would have been required to file a U.S. Income Tax Return, as the amount of reported income is greater than or equal to the minimum amount required to file as indicated in the instructions provided on the 1040.
  • Statements or information that suggests that the copy of the Income Tax Return you received is not the return actually filed with the IRS.

If conflicting information is discovered after disbursing aid, the Financial Aid Office will reconcile the differences and recalculate the EFC. If there is an over award, the student is required to repay any excess funds. If the student is no longer enrolled, they will owe a Title IV overpayment. TAMUT will notify the DOE regarding the overpayment.

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