SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society

SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society

Texas A&M University-Texarkana Chapter

Welcome to the homepage for the A&M-Texarkana chapter of SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society, the only national honor society exclusive to student veterans, active military students, guard, or reservists.

SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society is designed to recognize the academic accomplishments of active military and student veterans on our campus. Candidates who meet membership eligibility criteria can apply to SALUTE at any time during their undergraduate or graduate programs, provided they have an institutional GPA for evaluation. Once inducted, SALUTE members have access to exclusive member benefits through the A&M-Texarkana chapter and through the SALUTE national office.

Interested in becoming a member? Check out more about program eligibility, membership, and benefits below.

For more information about the A&M-Texarkana chapter of SALUTE, contact the individuals below.

Chapter Contacts

SALUTE Director:
Mr. Robert Hernandez,
BASS 132C,  

National Office

SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society Headquarters
Colorado State University
1063 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, Colorado 80526-1063

Membership Information

Membership Eligibility Criteria

Undergraduate Students

All undergraduate students selected for induction to SALUTE must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be currently enrolled as a student and have a minimum of 12 course credits;
  2. Qualify as military/veteran student under locally-derived and maintained definitions. Applicant must submit a DD-214 Member 2 or higher copy that displays the character of service (honorable discharge).  Applicants currently serving on active duty or in the Guard or Reserves must submit a copy of orders for their current duty assignment. If these documents are currently on file in the TAMUT Veteran Services Center, they will be accessed to verify eligibility. If not, then these documents should be submitted to the SALUTE Chapter Director.
  3. Possess a cumulative GPA at A&M-Texarkana according to the tiers listed below.
    • Alpha Tier GPA: 3.75 – 4.00
    • Bravo Tier GPA: 3.50 – 3.74
    • Charlie Tier GPA: 3.25 – 3.49
    • Delta Tier GPA: 3.00 – 3.24

Grade Point Averages may not be rounded; GPA tiers are determined based on your cumulative GPA. GPAs will be verified by the SALUTE Chapter Director generating an unofficial transcript for the applicant. 

  1. Have served or currently be serving in the military, National Guard, or reserves. If no longer serving, have been honorably discharged from service. 
  2. Maintain the highest ethical standards as defined by being in “good standing” as a student.

Graduate Students

Inducted graduate students will be classified as SALUTE Gold Members. To qualify as a Gold Member, the student must have completed 9 semester/quarter hours of graduate work or the equivalent, and must have at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA. There are no tier levels for grad students. Graduate students must also abide by the membership eligibility criteria 2, 4, and 5 above.

Upward Mobility

Undergraduate members are encouraged to move up to the next higher tier level as their GPA increases. Visit the Tier Movement Process page to learn more or apply to move tiers.

Member Benefits

Becoming a member of SALUTE provides you with several benefits: 

  • Invitation to participate in the annual induction ceremony
  • Membership certificate
  • Pin
  • Official membership status (inclusion on résumés, graduate school applications, and other personal marketing tools)
  • Eligibility to apply for SALUTE National Headquarters scholarship funding

 Induction Ceremonies

  • December ceremony (for candidates accepted from May 15 to December 10)
  • May ceremony (candidates accepted from December 11 to May 14)

Becoming a Member

Qualifying candidates may begin the membership process at any time during the academic year; admittance into SALUTE takes approximately 30 days to complete; all members are honored at induction ceremonies that take place in December and May.

To begin the induction process, a qualifying candidate must:

  1. Submit the membership applicationanda DD-214, Discharge from Active Duty, or copy of military orders to the SALUTE Director for review if not already on file in the TAMUT Veteran Services Center.  The SALUTE Director will verify qualifying work and determine the appropriate GPA tier after reviewing you unofficial transcript.
  2. SALUTE Director will contact candidate via email with the proposed GPA tier (for undergraduate members); the candidate may accept the tier or request an appeal (note: for appeals, candidate must submit OFFICIAL transcripts to the Director for review who will then consult with the SALUTE Coordinator and a representative from the Registrar’s Office).
  3. Once a GPA tier for the candidate has been finalized and acknowledged in written form by the candidate (email or hardcopy document), his or her name will be included on the submission sheet. Candidate may then submit membership payment of $50.00 via cash or check to the SALUTE Director.
  4. The SALUTE Director will send the list of inductees to the SALUTE national office.
  5. The SALUTE Director will send an invitation to the inductee for the next scheduled induction ceremony.

Tier Movement Process

Undergraduate members are encouraged to move up to the next higher tier level as their GPA increases. This serves to motivate students to improve professionally as well as academically.

Higher tier levels receive opportunities for greater scholarship money through SALUTE National Headquarters (to be determined at a later date) and receive updated materials for individual certificates. 

To move up a tier, visit the SALUTE national homepage for access to the Tier Appeal Petition Form and payment portal.

Application Form

The student applying for membership to SALUTE agrees to the following conditions:

  • Abide by all guidelines as set forth by the SALUTE National Honor Society Executive Steering Committee;
  • Maintain the integrity of the honor society;
  • If your DD214/military orders are not on file in the Veteran Services Center, submit a copy to The SALUTE Director will obtain an unofficial transcript to be used to validate the appropriate SALUTE level. 
  • Submit a payment of $50 lifetime membership feeupon initial application. Payment may be made by cash or check payable to Student Veterans Association.

Contact Us:

Texas A&M University-Texarkana
7101 University Avenue, Texarkana, Tx. 75503
(903) 223-3000