VA State Benefits

The State of Texas honors its Active Duty Military and Veterans. To see if you qualify for one of the benefits listed below, visit College for All Texans/Military.

  • Tuition for Texans in the Military
  • Tuition for Non-Texans in the Military
  • Refunds for Students Called Into Active Duty
  • Changing Permanent Residence to Texas
  • Hazlewood Exemptions for Texas Veterans
    • Hazlewood Exemption Legacy
    • Hazlewood Exemption Dependents

New students wanting to use the Hazlewood Exemption - For information about the Hazlewood Exemption for Texas Veterans and/or their dependents, visit the Texas Veterans Commission Hazlewood webpage.  You can download the Hazlewood application, Continuation Application, or Legacy Revocation Form from our A&M-Texarkana Veterans Forms page. 

To validate eligibility for the Hazlewood Exemption, visit the A&M-Texarkana Veteran Services Center in Building of Academic & Student Services, Suite 132.  Be sure to bring your (or the Veterans) DD214, Member 2 or 4, version with you.  This document is required to make the appropriate determination. Applications are submitted to the Veterans Center Services.  You may also contact us at or 903-334-6602.

The Hazlewood Exemption allows the university to exempt the tuition and fees associated with course work.  Not covered by the Exemption are books, supplies, dorm fees, meal plan fees, and parking permits.  To be covered by the exemption, the fee must be considered a mandatory fee and all other students must be required to pay the fee.  There are some Exam fees for our Education programs that also cannot be exempted using the Hazlewood Exemption. 

For other programs and services for Veterans provided by the Texas Veterans Commission: