ACT National

ACT National

The ACT assessment is a nationally accepted college admission examination consisting of tests in English, Reading, Mathematics, Science reasoning, Plus Writing (optional, dependent upon University/College). National ACT scores will transfer to any college/university. General information about ACT Registration and selecting a Testing facility. 

ACT National Test Dates & Information

ACT National Test Dates

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Current ACT Fees

Basic Test (four multiple choice tests) + Plus Writing

  • English (45 minutes)
  • Mathematics (60 minutes)
  • Reading (35 minutes)
  • Science Reasoning (35 minutes).
  • Plus Writing (40 minutes)

Allowing time to fill in personal data, the test takes approximately five hours.

What To Bring To Testing Facility

What You Need To Know on ACT Test Day.


You must wait 60 days since your last ACT Test before you can retake the exam.

Student Accommodations

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Additional Information

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