Testing Center

ATTENTION: Cameras and microphones are operable in the Testing Center. 

Proctoring Services

Exam Instructions:

Guidelines for proctoring and exam administration for other institutions/community in the Testing Center.

  1. The Testing Center will receive exams for students. However, it is the student's responsibility to verify the Testing Center has received the exam.
  2. Instructors should advise students of any specific exam guidelines (e.g., no notes or no open books, etc.) to administer the exam.
  3. The Testing Center will return the completed exam provided by the institution in the method designated by the external institution.
  4. The Testing Center will destroy exams not completed by the stated deadline, unless requested to handle otherwise.
  5. The Testing Center will not answer questions pertaining to the exam content or grade the exam.


A Proctoring Fee (EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION) will be charged for administering exams. 

  • $10 forcurrent A&M-Texarkana students (Student ID required)
  • $15 for Non-students

A Proctoring Fee (CERTIFICATION EXAMS) will be charged for certification exams. 

  • $25 for Certification Exams (Organization/Business)

 Fees may be Paid Online by clicking Pay Online and clicking appropriate icon. Fee(s) nonrefundable. 

Candidate (Other Institutions/Community)

ATTENTION: Cameras and microphones are operable in the Testing Center.

Scheduling Appointments

  1. Appointments are MANDATORY.
  2. Schedule your appointment online.  24-hour notice is required.  No walk-ins
  3. Allow sufficient time to take the exam when scheduling an appointment. Exams should be scheduled allowing enough time for completion prior to the test center's scheduled closing time.  Seating must occur 1 hour prior to closing or time allowance indicated. Be attentive to exam’s deadline.
  4. Come prepared with the necessary/approved material to complete the exam.
  5. Bring a current and valid photo ID bearing their name and any approved materials for the specified exam.
  6. Allow sufficient time for normal mailing of the exam(s).
  7. Advise the testing center of special accommodations (2 weeks’ notice REQUIRED).

Schedule Exam

Testing Center Regulations

  • Photo ID required
  • No cellular phones allowed in the Testing Room and cellular phones cannot be accessed during the exam period, including breaks.
    • An examinee found to be in possession of a cellular phone, including ringing or vibrating phone, will be dismissed, and will be reported.
  • Possession or use of other electronic devices is prohibited.  This includes, but is not limited to, photographic, recording or communication devices. Examinees found cheating, will be dismissed, and will be reported.
  • Materials not specifically authorized will be prohibited in the Testing Room.
  • Computer-based testing. You are not permitted to browse other sites while testing. Examinees found browsing will be reported.
  • Lockers are available for your possessions while testing.  The testing center will not be responsible for damage, loss, or stolen possessions. 

Instructor (Other Institutions/Community)

ATTENTION: Cameras and microphones are operable in the Testing Center.

The Testing Center utilizes RegisterBlast Professor Portal to submit exams, which is designed to simplify the process of submitting materials.


  1. For institutions mailing exams for completion, please note “Attn: Testing Center.”  If exam needs to be return via mail, please provide Return Label and/or Postage to return completed exam/material.
  2. Provide thorough directions for proctoring the exam. Specific information must include but is not limited to date(s) and time allotted for testing; whether book(s), notes, calculator, formula sheet, and/or scratch paper are allowed for testing.  Please include a name and phone number to contact with any questions.
  3. Provide specific rules for the proctor, including instructions if cheating is suspected (e.g., confiscate the exam) and the handling of exams that are not taken.

Contact the Testing Center

Testing Center
Hours of Operation | Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - 8:30am to 5:30pm | (Fall/Spring ONLY) Tuesday and Thursday: 10:00am - 7:00pm
University Center 325
Phone: (903) 223-3072 | Fax: (903) 223-3184
ADA Accommodations
Disabilities Office
Accommodations MUST be in place two (2) weeks prior to scheduled appointment.
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