Who has to take the ALEKS Placement Assessment?

All students who are required to successfully complete Calculus I must take the ALEKS Placement Assessment. Students who have credit for Calculus I earned through a dual credit course taken in high school and those who completed Calculus I more than two years ago are strongly encouraged to take the ALEKS Placement Assessment to determine their current level of readiness for Calculus II.

Can I retake the ALEKS Placement Assessment?

You are offered the opportunity to complete one practice and two official scored assessments. However, to make each attempt worthwhile, it is important that you spend time working in your ALEKS Prep and Learning Module in between placement assessments so that you can improve your skills.

Can I retake the ALEKS Placement Assessment immediately?

You must wait 48 hours between placement assessments. There is generally no benefit to re-taking the assessment immediately after completing a prior attempt. Unlike the SAT or ACT, you cannot improve your results by simply re-taking the assessment without spending time in the Prep and Learning Module to refresh material that you may have forgotten or to learn new material.

Must I work in my ALEKS Prep and Learning Module between placement assessments?

Yes, for 5 hours between the 1st and 2nd  and between the 2nd and 3rd placement assessments.

Are placement assessments timed?

Yes, you have 48 hours to complete the practice assessment.  You have up to 2 hours to complete the 2nd and 3rd assessments, both officially scored.

How long will a placement assessment take to complete?

Placement assessments generally require approximately 90 minutes to complete, but you will have up to two hours for the assessment. There will be a maximum of 30 questions. 

May I use a calculator while using ALEKS?

ALEKS will provide an on-screen calculator if you need one to complete a particular problem. Otherwise, you may not use a calculator.

What happens if I do not complete a placement assessment in the allotted time?

If the placement assessment is the practice assessment, you will have to restart the assessment. If the incomplete assessment is the official, scored and timed assessment, you will be given a placement result, but it may underestimate your true ability.

May I use any other resources during a placement assessment?

You may only use a pen or pencil, paper, and the resources provided by ALEKS. You may not receive assistance from friends, family, other websites, textbooks, or any other resource not provided by ALEKS. Using outside resources may lead to improper placement and ultimately course failure.

What is my placement result?

Course placement is determined as follows:

Placement Score Course
0-29 College Algebra/Trigonometry
30-50 Precalculus
51-100 Calculus I

How long is my placement result valid?

Your placement result is valid for 12 months.

What is the Prep and Learning Module?

The Prep and Learning Module is individualized study plan that will be created based on your performance on the initial practice assessment.  ALEKS will identify what you know and what you are ready to learn next so you can brush up on lost knowledge.

How long do I have access to my Prep and Learning Module?

You will have six months of access from the time that you start using your Prep and Learning module.

Is there an additional fee for my Prep and Learning Module?

Access to a Prep and Learning Module is included as part of your ALEKS account.

What are ALEKS Progress Assessments?

While working in a Prep and Learning Module, you will periodically complete progress assessments to solidify your gains in knowledge.

Does progress in an ALEKS Prep and Learning Module count toward placement?

No, you must complete a new placement assessment to change your placement result. Click on the placement tab on the upper right of the page from within ALEKS. Only your placement assessment results will be used for course placement.

What if I do not place into Calculus I?

You can use a Prep and Learning Module to review and learn, and you may take another placement assessment to improve your placement result.

Where do I take the ALEKS assessment?

You will complete the ALEKS assessment at Texas A&M University – Texarkana when you attend one of the Summer Orientation And Registration (SOAR) events during the summer prior to fall enrollment.  If you’re unable to attend SOAR, please make an appointment to complete the assessment prior to registering for classes by contacting the Testing Center at or 903-223-3072.

Where can I get help with ALEKS?

Contact the Testing Center

Testing Center
Hours of Operation (Summer) | Monday - Thursday 8:00am to 5:30pm | Friday 8:00am - 12:00pm
University Center 325
Phone: (903) 223-3072 | Fax: (903) 223-3184
ADA Accommodations
Disabilities Office
Accommodations MUST be in place two (2) weeks prior to scheduled appointment.
(903) 223-3062