Housing Application Fee Deferral

Housing Application Fee Deferral

What is a fee deferral? 

The housing fee deferral allows you to complete your housing application without paying the $100 nonrefundable application fee at the time of submission. The fee will be added to your student account with your tuition and fees to be paid based on the payment schedule set forth by the Business Office (typically the first day of classes), allowing your financial aid to apply.

Who is eligible for a fee deferral?

Students who have an EFC of 7500 or less or receive an ACT/SAT fee waiver.

What is the process for requesting the fee deferral?

  1.  Complete the form below to request a fee deferral
  2.  Office of Admissions will review and confirm eligibility 
  3.  Office of Student Life and Housing will review and grant final approval
  4.  You will be notified via email of the final decision. If approved, a promotional code will be provided in the email for you to use when completing your housing application.

Housing Application Fee Deferral Form