Faculty Class Rosters

Class attendance is an essential component of academic success.  We must ensure the proper registration of our students and confirm their intention of attending the courses they have registered for.  This is done by reviewing and certifying class rosters.  All class rosters should be reviewed and certified by the date indicated by the Registrar's Office.    

Class attendance is tied to financial aid.  Student absences that are not reported in a timely manner (preferably before the census date and during the preliminary roster phase), and the student does not initiate a withdraw, according to federal regulations the student could be considered an "unofficial withdraw" due to non-attendance therefore the financial aid office would have to return funds to the Department of Education.  This would result in the student owing a balance to the university. 

Accessing class rosters

Faculty will access and submit their class rosters via Eagle Connect.  View instructions for Preliminary Rosters and Final Census Day Rosters as a reference to verify your rosters and identify students in your class(es) who are not attending.

Preliminary rosters

Preliminary class rosters for the sessions listed below for the semester will be submitted via Eagle Connect.

Session   Submission Deadline  
16 week TBD 
1st 8 week TBD
2nd 8 week   TBD
  • Beginning the first class day, check for attendance in face-to-face classes or participation/logged in for web or web enhanced classes in Blackboard
  • Mark students with an administrative drop who have not attended face to face classes, or logged on/participating in web/web enhanced classes.  Submit roster when complete.
    • Students you've identified for "absent" will be emailed the administrative drop policy and the deadline for action. 
    • Students will have one week to respond to the administrative drop notice.  After one week, if the student does not respond, they will be dropped from the class.
    • Faculty can rescind an administrative drop at anytime by emailing the Registrar's Office at
    • If ALL students are in attendance, click "No Absences to report" and certify selection on confirmation page.

Administrative Drops

Administrative drops are issued through the Preliminary Class roster phase based on the information provided by the instructor. 

Students are given one (1) week to take action, and if the administrative drop is not rescinded by the instructor, then they will be dropped from the course, thus reducing the number of hours the student is enrolled in for the semester.  Faculty who wish to rescind the administrative drop should email by the deadline indicated on the administrative drop email notification.

The drop will not be recorded on the students' academic transcript, and they will not be responsible for the charges related to the course.  Since the drop will not be recorded, it will not count as against the 6 drop limit.

Final rosters (census day)

Final Class rosters for the sessions listed below for the semester will be submitted via Eagle Connect.

Session   Submission Deadline  
16 week TBD
1st 8 week      TBD
2nd 8 week TBD


If there are one or more students that have never attended:

  • Check the check box by the students name under the "never attended" column and click Submit Certified Roster
  • Students who are marked never attended will not be administratively dropped
  • Students will be sent a registration inquiry regarding their status in the class, and it will be their responsibility to drop/withdraw from the class

    • If all students are in attendance:
      • click Submit Certified Roster (DO NOT check the check box by the students name)


Contact with questions regarding class rosters or administrative drops.