Catalog Management

The university catalog provides information about the academic programs of Texas A&M University-Texarkana to students, prospective students, faculty, and staff of the University. Included is information regarding admissions, academic regulations and requirements, services available to students, and academic offerings.

Texas A&M-Texarkana utilizes CourseLeaf Software Catalog (CAT) to manage the online catalog. 

To ensure our catalog is complete and as accurate as possible, the following deadlines are in place to allow time for required approvals to be obtained. Per University policy, our catalog must be published online by May 31st.

2024-2025 Course and Degree Requirements

  • Deadline to submit all course changes (including Core Curriculum) to the Registrar's Office: February 1, 2024
  • Deadline to submit all program changes to the Registrar's Office:  March 1, 2024
  • Deadline to submit all catalog page content updates in CourseLeaf: April 1, 2024

Any corrections/edits submitted after these deadlines will have to be approved by the respective Dean as an extenuating circumstance, i.e., change required due to accreditation requirements, state requirements, etc.

Course and program updates are processed by the Registrar's Office when approvals are received in our office via the curriculum process.

Catalog page content updates are initiated by the page owner and submitted into workflow in CourseLeaf.

2024-2025 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog Pages Production Schedule

  • Catalog page edits that are not related to course changes or program changes will be available online for updates beginning February 1st if not sooner. Emails will be sent out to each content owner with instructions on when to start updating their catalog pages.
  • CourseLeaf Catalog (CAT) owner/approval training sessions can be held on a one-on-one basis. Please contact if you would like to set up a training session.
  • All revisions for catalog content pages must be fully approved through workflow by April 1st. The catalog will enter Admin mode after the April 1st deadline. Any corrections/edits made after April 1 will have to be approved by the respective Dean as an extenuating circumstance, i.e., change required due to accreditation requirements, state requirements, etc.
  • Catalog is scheduled to publish online to the university website by May 31st per University policy.

To meet the May 31st publishing deadline, the deadlines listed above must be adhered to.

Catalog System How-To-Guide

Download the How-To-Guide as a resource on how to edit, approve, and navigate the CourseLeaf catalog system.

Page Owners

Approved page owners can access the working catalog to begin making edits to their assigned catalog pages.  Log in using your computer credentials.

Page Approvers

Page approvers may visit CourseLeaf to review edits submitted, provide feedback, or approve catalog pages.  Log in using your computer credentials.  Download the Approval How To Guide(pdf) as a resource on how to edit, approve or send back catalog pages.

University Policy

Per UP 61.99.99.H0.01, Production of Official University Catalog, all edits to the Texas A&M University-Texarkana catalog shall be fully approved and ready for to be published in the CourseLeaf Catalog (CAT) online system no later than May 31 of each year.  The Registrar's Office will review all revisions and prepare to publish the catalog to the university's website in mid-May, prior to the new student orientations.

Current Catalog

To view our current catalog, please visit


Contact if you have any questions or need assistance.